Restorative Yoga,

Restorative Yoga utilises supported postures to help bring balance to the nervous system and to heal the body and mind from everyday stresses. In our culture great emphasis is placed on activity and movement. Restorative yoga invites us to explore the ease that can underpin our active lives, by reconnecting to our natural rhythm through gentle movement, mindfulness and rest.

A ‘Restorative’ sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions; a healthy spine enhances well-being, whilst also toning the internal organs. This therapeutic style of yoga uses a range of props, from bolsters to blankets to soothe and support the body and provide an environment in which total relaxation can take place. The practice restores energetic balance and supports peace of mind.

Restorative Yoga can benefit everyone, it is particularly helpful at times in your life when you feel fatigued or stressed, during major life events, for those recovering from illness or injury & for women going through menopause.

Jo holds teaching certificates with Sivananda Yoga Ashram, is a recognised Relax &

Renew Trainer and a member of Independent Professional Therapists International.

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