Baby massage by Lily Russell,

Baby massage can have profound benefits for you and your baby. By taking the time to massage your child you can demonstrate your love and respect for them. Massage can encourage bonding and enrich the relationship between you and your baby. The benefits of massage are reciprocal.

Benefits to babies

The positive contact between a parent and child makes a baby feel loved and valued, promotes relaxation and helps induce sleep. It aids digestion and elimination, can help relieve colic and constipation, stimulates and strengthens a baby’s immune system, and encourages good circulation. It can help improve skin texture, encourages joint flexibility and muscular coordination, promotes fuller and deeper breathing, improves sensory awareness and development.

Benefits to parents

Massage deepens and strengthens the bonding process, encouraging feelings of calm and relieving stress and anxiety, increasing confidence in handling a new baby. It helps you become familiar with the baby’s expressions and responses, helps you meet your baby’s needs, and provides pleasurable, focused quality time to allow you and your baby to get to know each other. It fosters feelings of comfort, trust, enjoyment and security.

A baby massage group for 3-5 babies can be organized at The Haven, to run weekly, for a six-week course. Alternatively, individual sessions can be organized for parents to learn the baby massage process in a one to one setting. The individual one hour session includes a pack of notes to take home Please contact Lily to enquire about places.

Baby Massage
£40 (60 mins)
Baby Massage Group £7 (p/w)

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