Facial treatments,

Luxury Rose Facial

The treatment begins with a light, balancing skin-cleanse using starflower cleansing milk.

Then I will apply wild rose beauty balm, which contains rosehip oil, one of the richest sources of antioxidant vitamin C.
It is extremely beneficial to the skin, helping reduce wrinkle formation and keep skin looking and feeling healthy. To help open the pores and to aid absorption, a warm muslin cloth will be applied. Cucumber slices help the eyes relax and rest while the facemask is in place.

A facial massage follows, assisting blood flow and lymph drainage, which are essential for supple, radiant skin.
The treatment concludes with the application of frankincense serum to the skin around the eyes and lips, and a short refreshing spritz with frankincense toner to close the pores and refresh the skin.

Facial massage

This deeply relaxing treatment works to moisturise the skin, and plump up the tissues, as well as stimulating the circulation in the facial skin and décolletage for a glowing completion.

Luxury Rose Facial
£40 (30 mins)

Facial Massage
£35 (25 mins)

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