Indian Head Massage by Lily Russell,

For this seated treatment women will be asked to wear a toweling sarong, and men to remove their shirt. Massage oil will be applied to the upper body. The treatment begins with massage to the back, neck, shoulders and upper arms to ease tension and relax the muscles.

When upper body massage is complete, you will be draped in a warm towel and the
treatment continues with relaxing scalp massage. A support cushion is then placed behind the head to allow you to rest back comfortably in the chair. The treatment is then completed with a soothing facial massage including work to the forehead, face and jaw.

Indian Head Massage can,

Reduce stress and calm the mind, help relieve tension headaches, slow and deepen the breathing, help lower blood pressure and it often promotes deeper more restful sleep

Scalp massage is particularly enjoyable and increases the circulation of blood to the scalp. Regular massage can help improve the condition of the skin and hair.

When your treatment is complete you will be offered some water, and given plenty of time to rest and relax. We can also discuss after care advice before you leave.

Indian Head Massage
£40 (60 mins)

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