Pregnancy massage by Lily Russell,

Benefits of Massage during pregnancy for babies,

Your relationship with your baby begins long before they are born, and there is plenty of evidence to show that relaxation when you are pregnant is beneficial for both the unborn baby and for parents – massage is the perfect way to achieve this.
From 5 weeks your baby is responsive to touch
From 7 weeks your baby can hear you
By 20 weeks you may feel the baby moving in response to gentle touch and the sound of your voice

For mothers to be

As well as benefits for your growing baby, gentle massage can be very helpful during pregnancy when your body is going through such amazing changes. It can help with backache and swollen ankles, relieve tired legs and feet, gently assist the circulation and lymphatic drainage, soothe aching muscles and both nourish the skin and help prevent stretch marks. Massage during pregnancy can make you feel more in touch with your body, and help you feel positive about the changes that it is going through.

Body massage treatments can be given after the first three months, and throughout the whole of your pregnancy. As this advances, a side lying position will be used to ensure you and your baby are comfortable, and also to encourage good foetal positioning (ie. to help the baby move into the best position for birth).

For fathers and birth partners

Massage can be extremely helpful before and during labor. It can help with pain management – soothing touch encourages the body to release it’s own pain relieving substances called endorphins. Massage can relax and calm the mother between contractions, and helps the fathers and birth partners have an active role and involvement with the birth process. Massage has also been shown to have a positive effect on the atmosphere and ambience of the delivery room, which is helpful to health professionals and of course to the baby. I can teach you some simple techniques and moves to practice at home in preparation for labor.

Pregnancy Massage
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£40 (60 mins joint appointment)

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