Therapeutic Massage by Lily Russell,

Most people find massage enjoyable and beneficial. It helps soothe muscle tension and eases aches, pains and stiffness. Massage increases the flow of blood through the tissues, and stimulates the immune system to clear toxins that may have collected. It aims to reduce stress and help balance the body and relax the mind. I use traditional Swedish massage moves, and pure, high quality massage oils. Your treatment can involve invigorating moves as well as relaxing strokes. Gentle heat from the couch heater can be used for a more deeply relaxing treatment. This is particularly good for back, neck or shoulder stiffness. I can also use a variety of smaller heat pads around the body for more localised therapeutic effects.

Conditions therapeutic massage may help with,

Backache, shoulder tension / knotty shoulders
Stress / anxiety / emotional trauma
Arthritis / rheumatism
Digestive problems
Migraines / headaches
PMT / menopause

Therapeutic Massage
£40 (60 mins)

Back, shoulder + neck massage
£35 (30-40 mins)

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